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Q:  What if I don’t think I can afford a Marketing Firm?
A:  You may be right, but understand that the mindset behind that question is the assumption that your marketing budget is an expense. Because we are results-oriented (just look at our Case Studies), our clients understand the return they are getting from their marketing investment.

Q:  How can we work together even if we are several states apart?

A:  While technology allows us to have a constant interaction regardless of location, we will visit you for face-to-face visits throughout the year. Also, an initial tour of your business is imperative for us to best understand how you work. The bottom line is that we aren’t afraid to travel to get in front of our clients.

Q:  I don’t know if your Marketing Clarity process is relevant to my company. Is it required?

A:  Not at all. Some clients already have the first two phases (research and planning) knocked out and are excited about working with an agency partner that will do a great job of execution and tracking. And, ultimately, that is often what our clients say they like the most about working with us – we are as concerned with tracking the results of our efforts as they are.

Q:  What makes the Sells Agency different from other marketing, advertising, public relations or digital agencies?

A:  In terms of our list of capabilities, not much except for the fact that we have expertise in all of those areas. But if you look harder, you’ll see that the biggest difference between us and other firms is our long tenure with clients. While the industry average for agency/client relationships is between 2 and 2.5 years, many of our clients have been working with us for 10+ years.

Q:  You say that you are tactically agnostic. What does that mean?

A:  That means we do not, and will not, assume that we understand your marketing needs before we’ve taken the time to ask a lot of questions of you and, possibly, your customers and prospects. It means we will help you solve your marketing challenges even if the solution doesn’t involve advertising or public relations. You know, we hear from too many corporate marketing officers about agencies that want to solve everything with a big, expensive TV campaign; or public relations initiative; or complex social media effort. Frankly, that’s what they want to do because that’s what they are good at and make money doing. We promise to recommend what we believe will bring you the desired business results.

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