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Sells Agency Family

Amber Coldicott

Office Manager

The voice of the Sells Agency since 1999, Amber is an anchor of our daily operations and the person that holds everything together. Incredibly organized, we’re in deep trouble if she’s not here. When you call our offices, it’s her voice you’ll hear. Lucky you.

Charlie Gocio

Account Executive

Charlie brings a journalistic background to the Sells Agency table, which generally means a weakness for telling the truth, a healthy respect for deadlines and an avoidance of the Oxford comma. When he’s not multitasking projects for clients, he’s often hanging out with friends and family or spending time in the outdoors. 

Christa Page

Associate Account Executive & Social Media Specialist

After graduating with a degree in Psychology, Christa completed two internships in New York City before starting full-time work in the digital marketing field here in Little Rock. Her experience producing content and managing social media accounts makes her a great addition to the Sells team. If you see any fun posts on our Instagram, you can bet Christa is behind it.

Drew Finkbeiner

VP/Director of Account Services

Drew’s time at the Sells Agency was interrupted when he moved temporarily to Denver. But between that and his time in Austin, Drew has handled some pretty big names (ever hear of Audi?). Now he serves as the main contact for clients in Northwest Arkansas and beyond, including the Fayetteville A&P and Arvest Bank. 

Ginger Daril

Director of Public Relations

Ginger has more than a decade of experience in public relations and journalism. She’s worked on both the pitching and receiving side of the public relations spectrum, and she genuinely likes the fast-paced nature of her field. However, she prefers to spend her free time in a quieter field — hunting and fishing in the great outdoors.

Heather Meek

Senior Media Planner/Buyer

To say media buyer Heather Meek is good at volleyball is an understatement. She attended college on a volleyball scholarship and ultimately got a master's degree in sports marketing, and then took a job as a marketing assistant in the University of South Carolina athletic department. She spends her free time coaching club volleyball and researching chocolate dessert recipes.

Joel Richardson

Senior Art Director

Joel graduated from the prestigious Portfolio Center, where he perfected his eye for graphic design. He previously worked in the nonprofit sector on a variety of projects, which has given him a diverse background that helps him juggle the gamut of clients he is currently working on. His design capabilities are surpassed only by his interior office decorating skills and his obsession with coffee.

Jon Hodges

VP/Executive Creative Director

A loyal member of the Sells Agency crew since 2002, Jon is the quiet, deep thinker of the group. Jon's experience and patience are great assets to our clients as he always takes the time to thoroughly analyze every color, layout and photo. Want to know what perfection looks like? Ask Jon to spray mount something…anything, really.

Kristen Burgeis

Senior Account Executive

One minute she’s helping to solve a hospital’s marketing problem and the next she’s promoting tourism for a city. No matter what her clients need, Kristen is there to do it. She’ll even hover over an art director until an ad is perfect, not that we’re encouraging her to do that.

Landrey White

Interactive Project Director

Landrey was our first ever Pixel Perfect intern the summer before her senior year at the University of Arkansas. After graduating with her degree in Advertising & Public Relations, she worked for a pet product manufacturing company before making her way back to the Sells family. When she's not keeping Thad in check, you can find Landrey hanging with her two pups.

Lauren Bradbury

Account Executive

As a child, Lauren wanted to be a teacher. Now, she’s teaching us about ways to be a good Account Executive. She currently serves clients in the home construction and health insurance industries. Before joining the Sells Agency, she was involved in marketing for a certain fast food restaurant you’ve mcdefinitely heard of.

Mark Schulte

Creative Director

Advertising has been a part of Mark’s life for more than 20 years, the last twelve of which have been with us. He guides the agency’s creative brand and oversees all of the clients’ campaigns. He may be best known for his sense of humor. Notice we didn’t say good sense of humor.

Matt Ramsey

PR Account Executive

Matt is the most recent addition to our PR team and brings a background in communications and digital media. He has worked for several non-profit organizations throughout Arkansas, including Heifer International, and has been praised by clients for his kind heart. Outside of the office, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and son and watching a good movie.

Megan Williams

Media Assistant

Megan has a degree in Business Administration from Arkansas Tech University and is Heather's right-hand man for all things media. When not working, Megan loves spending time with her husband and two daughters.

Mike Sells

Owner / CEO

Mike claims he begins each day with coffee and quiet time, but things get anything but quiet once that first pot of joe kicks in. Our always-on CEO stays much in demand, constantly making sure our clients' needs are met. Mike joined his dad's PR firm in 1995 and has been fueling its growth as a full-service marketing firm ever since.

Rachel Arnold

Director of Finance

She controls the agency’s money and keeps vendors (and us) happy when she’s cutting checks. Rachel came to us from an accounting firm, so we are hoping she finds agency life to be a bit more fun. To those of us who get dizzy just thinking about numbers, it’s impressive how many she deals with every day. 

Thad James

Interactive Designer

As partner in our interactive division, Pixel Perfect Creative, he tends to our clients' every digital marketing need, including online strategy, programming and SEO. Thad breaks the web guru stereotype by not being a complete nerd and for speaking plain English to clients. However, we did recently hear him use the words “PHP”, “SQL Database” and “JQuery” in the same sentence.

Vince Griffin

Associate Art Director

Vince has worked in marketing and design, publishing, songwriting, illustration — basically, if it’s creative, he’s tried it. In his spare time, he’s playing in local band Bear Colony, contributing drawings to Doodler’s Anonymous and documenting everyday life through film photography.


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