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Behind the Scenes on our Arvest shoot

27 Nov
Behind the Scenes on our Arvest shoot
Several team members have been busy lately creating new commercials for Arvest Bank. The title of the campaign is “Our Customers Say It Best.” Meaning, we got to interview real life customers of Arvest at branches in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Arvest is known for their customer satisfaction and we wanted to convey that experience to new audiences.
Using actual customers is fun, exciting and challenging at the same time – just the way we like it. We hired an improv actor to do the interviewing and pose questions such as “What do you like about banking at Arvest?”; “If Arvest were a dog, what kind of dog would it be?” and “Where’s the strangest place you’ve done mobile banking?”. We wanted to pull out a range of answers and emotions from the funny and surprised to happy and grateful.
We’ll edit five days worth of interviews into five :30 commercial that will begin airing the first week of February during the Winter Olympics. 
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