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For the third and final blog post of my internship, I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned and how this internship has changed my thoughts, not only about PR, but about working in general. I learned much more than I can possibly put into a short blog, so here are just a few of the biggest takeaways.

1. With a degree in public relations, my options are unlimited.

Before this internship, I had no idea how many public relations jobs are out there. In the past six weeks, I joined Ginger and Matt for two PRSA meetings, where I had the opportunity to meet people working in PR for all types and sizes of businesses in central Arkansas. The variety of PR-related jobs available in Little Rock is mind blowing and SO exciting to me – and I now know that this is a career with many opportunities and mentors available.

2. In public relations, you have to be able to think on your feet.

Every once in a while, I found myself in situations that required a last-minute change of plans. If you read my last blog, you’re familiar with one: the episode of Remy the Great Dane and the torrential downpour. More recently, I was writing about an upcoming event, when it was cancelled about three hours before my article was due. Having to quickly brainstorm other topics showed me that public relations revolves around the outside world – the news, changes in businesses and sometimes the weather. PR writers are the responders (and they make sure everyone is calm while they’re at it). It’s helpful – and even required – to have the ability to work well under pressure.

3. The Oxford Comma: not always the best choice.

This really isn’t news to me – I always knew there was some controversy around the Oxford Comma’s place in this world. I didn’t think it was a huge a deal, though. Several times, Matt took a red pen to my writing and finally pushed me away from the Oxford comma. I learned that journalistic writing is about simplifying without losing meaning – and sometimes you just don’t need that extra comma. Who knew I’d be coming out of my summer internship talking about punctuation?

4. There’s more to a job than the work you’re doing.

I heard this from several members of the Sells Agency team on the first day of my internship. I see how true this is now. You should enjoy the work you’re doing, but you also should enjoy the work environment and the people around you. In the future, I know I want to work in a place where every team member is valued for their skills and has the freedom to be creative and ask questions – just like at Sells Agency. The Sells Agency team has set the bar pretty high for future jobs and internships and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn this lesson from them.

5. PR makes the world go ‘round.

I may be biased, but I think public relations is mission critical. In its simplest form, PR is creating, maintaining and strengthening relationships. It is a never-ending task, especially in today’s media-centered world. Public relations touches every single person, every day, whether they know it or not. I love knowing that if I take a job in PR after college, I’ll be doing work that reaches the community and has the potential to make a difference.

Before I started my internship, I had a vague and incomplete picture of what PR was and what my life might look like in the field. One internship does not make me a PR expert, by any means, and I know there’s more that I haven’t experienced, but I now have a better understanding of PR’s role in business, the media and the community.

This internship has been the highlight of my summer. I was excited to go to Sells Agency each morning and learning more every day. I’m sad to see this experience end, but SO grateful to have spent the summer working with and learning from Mike, Matt and Ginger and the rest of the Sells Agency team. I can now confidently say that public relations is what I want to do.


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Intern Blog: Hitting the Halfway Mark With My Eyes Wide Open Intern Blog: Hitting the Halfway Mark With My Eyes Wide Open

Well, here I am, halfway through my internship, and I’ve discovered the true nature of PR. The truth came by way of a hundred-pound Great Dane named Remy, who, caked in mud, whacked me in the shins chasing after a tennis ball.

Here’s the truth: PR is not always a glamorous job. It can be gritty, dirty, stressful and tense, and sometimes you find yourself doing something you didn’t expect.

I recently was out the door by 4:15 a.m. to meet Ginger at Canine Country Club for several early morning live shots on KARK. I was SO EXCITED. The whole way there, I’m thinking: precious dogs, big fancy cameras, a TV personality (DJ Williams at that – woo pig), and learning the part PR plays in these projects.

When I got there, my expectations went out the window, along with our plans. Before we could shoot the first segment, ominous rain clouds rolled in, sending our cameras, lights and ten dogs inside to escape a torrential downpour. The storm interrupted our broadcast signal and kicked us off the air at one point. The client’s TV time was at the mercy of Mother Nature. But the cliché saying, “the show must go on,” applied well in this situation, and Ginger was there to reorganize. We worked in the rain with lighting, moving cameras and dogs, and, despite our challenges, we produced several successful segments. 

We ended up soaked from head to toe, lightly dusted in dog hair and standing ankle deep in mud (enter Remy and his tennis ball). However, I left that morning totally energized. The experience made PR more appealing to me, and I was happy that the client was happy. 

That was a situation I didn’t expect to be in during this internship and, actually, a lot of what I have done has been unexpected. At the halfway point, I’ve stood in a local broadcast studio with the cameras rolling and watched a TV personality deliver the talking points I wrote (a proud moment for me). I was in the room as Sells Agency’s creative department, PR department and account executives came together to film a commercial for a client. These are just two of the most memorable experiences I’ve had so far – there have been many, many more.  

You can’t get this stuff from reading a textbook and taking a test. This is real-world experience, and I am so thankful that the experts at Sells Agency have been the ones to teach me more about PR. I still have much more to learn, so check back in later for my third and final blog post about my internship! 

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Sells Agency from the Intern’s Desk Sells Agency from the Intern’s Desk

Earlier this summer we welcomed our 2017 Career Clarity Summer Intern, Caroline, to the team! She is working in our Public Relations department alongside PR masterminds Ginger Daril and Matt Ramsey, gaining hands-on experience in the marketing world. Here's what she had to say about her first weeks with the Sells Agency.

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline Minor and I am the newest addition to the Sells Agency team (woo hoo!). I was born and raised here in Little Rock, but only truly fell in love with the city after I moved back home for the summer following my freshman year of college. That summer, I realized that Little Rock has everything I could possibly need – job opportunities in my field of study, a thriving (and expanding) urban district, and, last but not least, Big Orange.

This fall, I will be starting my junior year at the University of Arkansas. I plan to graduate with a major in Journalism Ad/PR – the same major I declared my freshman year. I found my passion in high school, and I haven’t considered another major since then. That either means I haven’t done enough exploring, or that I’m exactly where I need to be. I think it’s the latter.

I found this internship through a previous employer who knows Mike Sells very well and suggested that I apply. His exact words were: “They’re a great group of people.” Nothing truer has been said. They are professional, but so easy going. Serious, but high-energy. Their work is important to them and they take it seriously, but they know the value of laughter in the workplace.

On my first day, I arrived fifteen minutes early, eager to get going. When I walked in, the office was right in the middle of the daily traffic meeting, talking about projects and upcoming due dates. The room was surprisingly energetic for it being so early. I could tell that these people love what they do and where they do it.

After the traffic meeting, I spent some time with Ginger and Matt and got settled into my office (I have an office!). Ginger handed me a schedule for the day. I had thirty minute meetings with Landrey, Christa, Megan, Heather, and Drew, who all gave me the low-down on what it’s like to work for Sells Agency. They explained each of their specific roles in the agency and I had the opportunity to ask them questions. These day-one conversations got me oriented in the office, which made me feel a little bit less like that-new-intern-girl. I started my internship with a good understanding of the dynamics of a marketing agency, which was one of the things I was most interested in learning about going into this experience.

Since my first day, I’ve had some memorable experiences. On day three, I joined Matt and Ginger for a PRSA meeting where the chair of the National Board of Directors, Jane Dvorak, spoke about the role PR plays in driving organizations. This was an AMAZING experience. I was in awe – there I was, barely a junior in college, sitting in a room with some of the top names in public relations in Little Rock. So far, that has been one of the highlights of the past two weeks.

The second highlight of my internship has been watching the many ways PR directors influence and interact with the media. I’ve gotten to tag along with Matt as he visits local TV stations to prepare clients for their on-air interviews and I’ve sent pitches to newspaper editors from all around Arkansas. If you know me, and you know how much of a journalism nerd I am, you can probably imagine how much I loved these two tasks.

I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to explore PR with Sells Agency, and I cannot thank the team enough for being so welcoming. I’m only 14 days in, but so far, PR is looking like a pretty good career path to me. Over the next month, I’ll be posting more blogs like this one to share my thoughts and experiences as I learn the ins and outs of PR from the very best.

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