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09 May
Ever wonder why some websites and search results are rated so much higher than others?  They may have great content and witty headlines, but more importantly, they have excellent search engine optimization. It is something that has to be taken into consideration when crafting headlines and copy for our clients. But how can companies write intriguing headlines when Google doesn't appreciate their wit or humor?

Check out this article from Jonathan Rick with some tactics for optimizing SEO without sacrificing your writing style.
27 Apr
Pixel Perfect is the creative partner of the Sells Agency- helping us with all things digital and helping our clients make sense of digital marketing. They have recently extended their reach to social media so be sure to check out their Facebook page and Twitter, and visit their website to learn more about everything they do. 
25 Apr
Jon and Kati spent a majority of last week in Fayetteville doing a photo shoot for the upcoming 2012 Fayetteville Guide. While we are still a few weeks away from having a completed guide, we thought we would give you a behind-the-scenes look into the shoot. Here are some photos from the shoot, and we will be sure to share the final pictures when we have those.

Also, a belated happy Administrative Professionals day to all of you! Or as we call it around here, Amberfest. We definitely couldn't get anything done around here without Amber, so we are celebrating her all week!  
20 Apr

J.D. Power and Associates just released the 2012 Retail Banking Satisfaction Study. For the fourth consecutive year, Arvest Bank has received regional awards, ranking highest in both the South Central and Southwest regions – the only bank in the study to receive the award in two regions. The 2012 study was conducted with more than 51,000 banking customers throughout eleven regions across the U.S.

16 Apr

Your favorite department store. The corner pharmacy. Even your bank.

Many businesses target customers and encourage sales using in-store point of purchase materials. It's a growing part of a multi-channel marketing approach and for good reason. It provides enormous opportunities to offer your customers additional incentives to make purchases, creates powerful impressions that will help build your brand, drives customer loyalty and generates buzz about your business.
11 Apr
Have a few extra minutes today? Become a better writer now! Don't worry, the agency is not producing infomercials now, but we are always looking for ways to improve our writing. We like to stay on our toes since solid writing is the basis for most of our client work.
Finding time to focus on ourselves is hard to do, so we thought this quick exercise from PR Daily was worthy of our attention. Check out their tips for improving your writing here.

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