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11 Jan

It’s funny how the majority of the world’s New Year’s Resolutions involve “giving up” something. Stop drinking alcohol. Stop smoking. Stop spending money. Stop celebrating the end of each workday with a slice of cake. 

Quitting things is hard. Especially celebratory cake.

17 Dec
Targeted to small business owners who are having trouble keeping up with rising employee-healthcare costs, Level Funding is a new product from QualChoice.
11 Dec

Christmas is a time of giving, but sometimes love and lackluster math skills have us spending more than we meant. That’s why making a Christmas budget is important. It’s no fun, and might feel kinda Grinch-y, but it’s incredibly necessary. With that in mind, here’s a few ways to ensure good December decisions will also make your January merry and bright — i.e. you can pay the electric bill. 

30 Oct

Halloween is a time to remember that life is pretty scary, but, in the end, it’s probably going to be okay. It’s about scary movies, self-expression, childlike wonder, laughter and harmless pranks. And we think these Halloween-themed marketing ads capitalize on those sentiments without going overboard. See our top 5 favorite commercials and campaigns from well-known brands.

23 Oct
1. There are not many entry-level PR or marketing jobs in Arkansas: If you can expand your search outside of Arkansas into larger markets, there are many more opportunities. 
09 Oct
Many people hear the words “public relations” and immediately think of a scandal – maybe even Olivia Pope-style. Not all PR is quite that exciting, but there is a sub-specialty of the PR profession that specifically deals with crisis communications. This usually happens when a client (individual, company or organization) is facing a public challenge to its reputation.
04 Sep
What is it about fantasy football?  No really, what is it?  Why does it bait us with competitive spirit, reel us in with its massive scale, and catch us spending hours upon hours of research, betting our hard earned money that Marcus Mariota is everything he’s projected to be?
31 Aug

Last week we posted about ideas for creating content, but that's only part of the puzzle — you're gonna need visuals to accompany those words. So, where do you go when you want to see the world more creatively? The internet! But when old standbys like Pinterest start to get stale, you'll need more options. 

19 Aug

Everyone knows you should be creating content for your website — for social media engagement, for web traffic, and to stay on the minds of your customers. Content can also position you as an expert in your field, give your company a personality, and increase engagement with customers. 

27 Jul

If you’d like to get healthier but excuses are keeping you from exercising regularly, it’s time to talk yourself out of them. The sad truth is excuses are unavoidable. They will rear their heads unexpectedly like storm clouds or surprise doughnuts. And they happen to everyone — even athletes. But you have to be stronger than those excuses. When they start chattering in your head, interrupt them, talk over them, and keep going. Try using these words from health insurance provider QualChoice to get you past the top 6 excuses for not exercising. 

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