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04 Sep
What is it about fantasy football?  No really, what is it?  Why does it bait us with competitive spirit, reel us in with its massive scale, and catch us spending hours upon hours of research, betting our hard earned money that Marcus Mariota is everything he’s projected to be?
31 Aug

Last week we posted about ideas for creating content, but that's only part of the puzzle — you're gonna need visuals to accompany those words. So, where do you go when you want to see the world more creatively? The internet! But when old standbys like Pinterest start to get stale, you'll need more options. 

19 Aug

Everyone knows you should be creating content for your website — for social media engagement, for web traffic, and to stay on the minds of your customers. Content can also position you as an expert in your field, give your company a personality, and increase engagement with customers. 

27 Jul

If you’d like to get healthier but excuses are keeping you from exercising regularly, it’s time to talk yourself out of them. The sad truth is excuses are unavoidable. They will rear their heads unexpectedly like storm clouds or surprise doughnuts. And they happen to everyone — even athletes. But you have to be stronger than those excuses. When they start chattering in your head, interrupt them, talk over them, and keep going. Try using these words from health insurance provider QualChoice to get you past the top 6 excuses for not exercising. 

16 Jul
My story begins as all do—learning how to ride a bike. 
10 Jul

Yeah, the Fourth of July was last week, but we’re still riding on a fireworks and red-white-and-blue berry cake high. So, let’s celebrate with commercials about America. USA! USA! USA!


However, in advertising, celebrating America is tricky. You want something that feels authentic and warm without boiling over into something too syrupy. Got it? Good. 

02 Jul
As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, summer vacations reach their peak and we at the Sells Agency are no exception.
26 Jun

Next week, we’ll be in the field shooting a television commercial for a client, and thought we’d give our readers a backstage peek at how we prepare for a shoot. This has been a busy spring for the agency, and so far, we've done three commercial shoots. Though they've been very different, the general process remains the same. Here's the steps: 

19 Jun

Dad has a reputation for bringing the fun. He’s typically the first to add more levity and perspective to any situation. A good dad teaches self-sufficiency to his daughters, chivalry to his sons and makes each child feel like the center of his world. So, this Father’s Day, as a few of our staff members illuminate dad’s lasting influence on their lives, we admit turning into dad isn’t such a bad thing.

08 Jun

The Sells Agency internship program began last week with three summer additions to our crew. They’ll get a real-life, hands-on look at agency life from the creative, advertising and public relations perspectives. And, if we do say so ourselves, these three interns are well-suited for the job. 

Let’s meet them: 

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