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17 Apr

On Thursday, our junior media buyer, Heather Royal, spoke to a class of junior and senior sports marketing majors at Arkansas Tech University. Heather spent some time as a marketing assistant in the University of South Carolina athletic department, so she knows a thing or two about the job.

30 Mar

So, you really wanna run your own business like a boss? You're gonna need a plan. According to stats from Bloomberg, nearly 80 percent of all small businesses fail in the first 18 months. You don't want to be among them. 

19 Mar

Help us welcome a new junior account executive to our Fayetteville office. Let's start by introducing her. 

12 Mar

We get the opportunity to name a select few things in our lives: Children, if we're lucky, a couple of dogs or cats, and maybe a car or some heartfelt Spotify playlists.


Fortunately for us, marketing offers additional opportunities to name important things like websites, events, and even businesses. But naming things is an arduous process. Many, many names don't fit. Sure, they might be entertaining or eye-catching, but they don't work for a project, and thus must be rejected. But does that mean they should never see the light of day?

26 Feb
The Sells Agency is looking for a part­-time employee to join our team. 
13 Feb
02 Feb

To those of us in the ad industry, yesterday's Super Bowl wasn't about the game as much as it was about the ads, although we'll admit that was one heck of a game. After all the hype, previews, teasers and early debuts of the year's biggest commercials, we finally had a chance to see them all in real time. And we have our favorites. We also have our not-so-favorites, but we won't dwell on those (although Nationwide, what were you thinking about using a dead kid?) 

29 Jan

Quick: What's the opposite of "fun"?

If you said "work," that's understandable. We did, too. But at least one day out of the year, National Have Fun at Work Day, hopes to find common ground between the two. The official day was Jan. 28, but if your office didn't observe the occasion, there's still hope.

23 Jan
The space between marketing and sales is like the gap between the two hemispheres of the brain. These teams have a tendency to speak different languages, and controlling the two is sort of like walking two obstinate dogs.
What’s the middle ground between them? Practicality and shared goals — or, essentially, one very compelling mailbox post to sniff.
09 Jan

Millennials are a tricky demographic. They don't behave like the generations before them. Their values and ideas about how to spend income make them a somewhat elusive and bewildering target for businesses and brands. 

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