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27 Oct
When it comes to making a difference, marketing is more of a big picture task.  What we mean is, creative teams don't often save lives … directly.
17 Oct
We’d like to take a moment to brag on our agency’s adopted non-profit Partners Against Trafficking Humans, also known as PATH, which held a big event the night of Thursday, Oct. 16.
09 Oct
A few weeks ago, we announced the promotion of two long-time agency veterans. Jon Hodges is now vice president and executive creative director while Drew Finkbeiner is vice president and director of account services.
26 Sep
From our experience and a September 18 article from Inside Higher Ed, higher education professionals are dealing with added pressure as of late. The economy hasn’t totally come back. State funding is shrinking. Competition is fierce. And yet, there is a pervasive directive to graduate more students.
19 Sep
As marketing professionals, we need to expand our area of expertise, and I think some extra effort and  — surprise, surprise — rebranding are in order. As a marketing professional, you would expect me to say that, but hear me out.
12 Sep
Part of what makes the Sells Agency unique is our expertise in bank marketing. It’s one of the reasons that Mike was asked to speak at the Bank Marketing conference in Orlando. Not only do we have as our client one of the region’s most successful banks, Arvest, but we do work for other financial clients as well.
05 Sep

Next week, Mike Sells, will open his vault of accumulated marketing knowledge at the ABA Marketing and Retail Conference in sunny Orlando.

26 Aug
You may not be a TED Talks-caliber public speaker, but you can still deliver a presentation worthy of Tony Robbins. Captivating an audience is a skill within your reach, and at our agency, we hold media training sessions to ensure our clients are prepared to speak publicly or to the media in any situation. 
21 Aug
It’s that time of year again: department stores are flooded with school-focused merchandise, traffic is picking back up, the lazy atmosphere of summer is fading and my social media feeds are filled to the brim with back-to-school excitement.
15 Aug
Sometimes, spending 40 (or more) hours a week with someone just isn’t enough. That’s why we were happy for the chance to spend more time together at our recent Sells Agency night at the Arkansas Travelers game. 

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