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08 Aug
The internet is a fickle pickle where words have the life expectancy of a Friday night Kardashian tweet. You know you need great content to drive traffic to your site, but if you want to make it out there, kid, you've got to command some attention — over and over again. 
01 Aug
The meeting of Art and Copy. Scene 1: The Meet-Cute
Copy sat in a local coffeeshop, twirling her pencil, pondering puns on the word "macchiato" when Art walked in. Copy thought he was lovely, especially his deep, insightful eyes. She drops her pencil on the floor. Art picks it up and comments on the color. "What is that? Pantone 130C?" 
24 Jul
Last week, we had the opportunity to tour Soundscapes, a recording studio here in Little Rock.
15 Jul

Print is an unforgiving medium. Once past the press, pages can't be retracted. Any mistakes are unchangeable, then archived. As a final insult, they go on to become the "record" in libraries both public and private for future generations. Forever. 

11 Jul

It was surreal being back at my old high school football field. The place where I once spent my fall Friday nights playing with and cheering on my teammates, is gone. 

30 Jun

Here at the Sells Agency, we pride ourselves on creative, results-oriented marketing campaigns, but we couldn't make those happen without an exceptional staff! 

24 Jun
The idea of disruption in business has been around since…well, pretty much forever. 
16 Jun

Intern: a student or trainee who works at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience.

06 Jun
I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal where Elizabeth Scarborough, chief executive officer of SimpsonScarborough, a research company specializing in higher education market research (and in the interest of full disclosure, a company we have engaged for research studies), relays being shown the door by a university president for referring to prospective students as “customers.”
30 May

Thanks to Don Draper and Co., people tend to equate my response to "Where do you work?" with images of swanky ad execs, sipping fine bourbon as they recline on a couch in their colorful, modern office, burning the proverbial midnight oil until they come up with that “perfect" tagline before the all-important pitch to a potential client. 

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