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18 Apr
The Sells Agency is dedicated to providing employees with opportunities for continuing education and professional development training. Because of this, I recently had the chance to travel to Chicago for Account Executive College.
11 Apr
A handsome and single young man is having dinner with friends at a local restaurant when he spots an attractive young woman coming through the front door. He is intrigued by her easy demeanor and then smitten when he sees how she lights up with a great smile upon seeing her friends across the way.
02 Apr
For the past few years, the term “content creation” has flooded my inbox and social platforms via industry newsletters and fellow PR practitioners. Content creation, in various forms, has always been around. It’s why PR jobs require “strong writing skills” and it’s why when a family member is called upon to describe what I do they invariably say, “she does a lot of writing…?”  In PR, you have to be able to write about all sorts of topics and for a plethora of publications and platforms.
27 Mar
Back in November we gave you all a sneak peek behind the scenes of our Arvest Bank television shoot. Well, those commercials are up and running in Arvest markets and we are thrilled with how they turned out!
13 Mar
At Sells, we strive to balance business results with the risk-taking marketing flair that ad agencies are most known for. Recently, our efforts accomplished just that for Arkansas Tech University - one of our longest-standing clients.
04 Mar
I am not a trendy person. And I’m okay with that. Right now I am eagerly waiting for pleated and cuffed men’s slacks to return to acceptability because I have a closet full of them. But enough about my taste – or lack thereof – in fashion.
25 Feb
The Little Rock competition of the American Advertising Awards was held Friday night and the Sells Agency came away with 10 awards for five different clients. 
20 Feb
I had a colleague recently e-mail me asking if it were true, WAS SEO REALLY DEAD? He was genuinely concerned.  
12 Feb
I’m currently reading a book (it’s more of a textbook, really) by J. Scott Armstrong called Persuasive Advertising. It has two characteristics that, in my opinion, seldom go together – it is dry, but at the same time fascinating.
03 Feb
The middle-ground is filled with ads from Volkswagen, Soda Stream, Maserati and Bud Light. Here are the ones that separated themselves from the pack.

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