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20 Feb
I had a colleague recently e-mail me asking if it were true, WAS SEO REALLY DEAD? He was genuinely concerned.  
12 Feb
I’m currently reading a book (it’s more of a textbook, really) by J. Scott Armstrong called Persuasive Advertising. It has two characteristics that, in my opinion, seldom go together – it is dry, but at the same time fascinating.
03 Feb
The middle-ground is filled with ads from Volkswagen, Soda Stream, Maserati and Bud Light. Here are the ones that separated themselves from the pack.
31 Jan
Our creative director, Mark Schulte, is talking Super Bowl ads this Monday morning with Bob Steele during First News with Bob Steele on KARN. 
08 Jan
Does all this polar vortex talk have you dreaming of warmer temperatures? We sure are! Speaking of, what are you doing this summer?
23 Dec
We at the Sells Agency would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and share with you some photos we took of our work family. 
27 Nov
19 Nov
When you think of TV commercials, do you think only of those commercials running on network or cable TV?

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