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FA&P Ale Trail Launch

About the FA&P

The Fayetteville Advertising & Promotion Commission is tasked with promoting tourism and conventions in the city of Fayetteville. It is funded with a tourism tax collected at hotels and restaurants in the city and operates a Visitor’s Bureau.
The Visitor’s Bureau decided to take advantage of having so many local craft breweries and developed the state’s first Ale Trail.

Public relations goal

The goal of this plan was pretty simple: raise awareness of the new Fayetteville Visitors Bureau’s Ale Trail and to drive traffic to the Visitors Center and participating breweries within the first few weeks of the Ale Trail launch. 


We came up with our media targets first. We looked for lifestyle publications, food and travel writers and craft beer enthusiasts. Our message focused on a few different points: First, the novelty of the state’s first ale trail. Second, the local aspect of being able to engage with seven craft breweries and brewmasters and, lastly, the group aspect that included a “passport” and a Silipint commemorative glass. We deployed these messages statewide through traditional email pitches, news releases and lots of enthusiasm.


Even though all the breweries had been open before the Ale Trail was created, they all saw an increase in traffic within days of the launch. We originally expected to give out 2,000 passports – but those 2,000 were handed in the first two weeks of the launch. Within a month, 5,000 people had come through the Visitors Center to request a passport. We placed or assisted with a dozen stories – all published within two weeks of the Ale Trail launch with media ranging in specialties from food and drink to lifestyle and news.

The Fayetteville Ale Trail is an ongoing fun and successful project. 


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